Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have children attending Dover public schools?

My 8-year old daughter is in second grade at Horne Street School. Go Hawks!

What research have you done?

I met with each of the District's five school Principals individually as well as the Superintendent. It is an experience I wish every resident could have, to see how diverse our school populations are, the incredible things each school offers, as well as learn about their specific struggles and workarounds. I have also met with current Dover School Board members to learn about their experience and time on the Board.

I have thoroughly read (and re-read) the SAU 11 School Board Policies, which can be found here. Perhaps most importantly, I have been attending or remotely watching our School Board meetings to be better informed about how the meetings are run, and the variety of issues handled by the Board. In addition, I have studied the District's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and am excited to work collaboratively toward the goals set forth in the plan.

With a few hot button issues facing our district, I continue to educate myself on House Bill 2 and the school and city budget process, as well as stay abreast of changing COVID trends that affect our District.

What are you passionate about?

My passion lies in helping others and improving things - anything: a process, an outcome, someone's day. I do not believe in the "we have always done it this way" mentality; sometimes things ARE great the way they are, but even then we must keep our minds open to new information and viewpoints.

Personal relationships are extremely important to me, both social and professional. I am fortunate to know so many people in life, not just their names, but them: who they are, what they care about, and most importantly how I can best connect with them. I look forward to knowing my constituents and forming strong relationships with my fellow Board members, parents and other leaders in the school community.

What is your background?

I am a life-long New Hampshire resident, spending my childhood in Keene, Ossipee and Concord. My husband and I moved to Dover in 2005 after seeing what other towns in the area had to offer. My parents were entrepreneurs and business owners, so I learned my strong work ethic at a young age through watching my parents, but also by working for their businesses. During high school I babysat for many neighborhood families and also worked the fountain at Friendly's! After graduating from Concord High School, I attended Ithaca College, and completed my degree in Business Administration at SNHU.

I began my professional career as a radio host and journalist, but quickly transitioned to the business world, working for eight years as a Program Manager at Connection (formerly PC Connection) in Merrimack, NH. As a Program Manager, I managed a departmental operating budget of $2 million, and increased our intake from $11 million to over $20 million.

From there, I worked for a product engineering firm as a Project & Office Manager, where I was accountable for the profitability of 6-8 projects simultaneously, monitored timelines and flagged potential issues to be addressed. In addition, I managed purchasing, vendor selection, accounting, benefits, operations, budgeting, and human resources.

One of my favorite professional experiences was my two years at the Dover Chamber of Commerce, running the visitor center, planning events including Cochecho Arts Festival and Apple Harvest Day, organizing volunteers, promoting our City, and doing member outreach.

Working closely with an extremely small team at the Chamber, we saw what we could accomplish together, and with our spouses created Rivermill at Dover Landing, which still thrives today under different owners, in the Picker Building behind One Washington. We started with absolutely nothing; a raw space and no money, but with determination and perseverance we turned it into one of the most popular wedding venues on the Seacoast.

In 2010, I went to work for Liberty Mutual, where I spent eight years as a Business Analyst and Reporting Manager. During my years there, I provided analysis and metrics, created a formal engagement process to better serve customers and manage projects, and used advanced analytical, problem solving and research skills to drive results of a business unit.

When my division of the company was sold, I moved on to an equipment finance company headquartered in California, where I wear many hats: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Process Analyst, and Trainer. I guide operational objectives by evaluating business functions, monitor my team's progress, analyze information and trends, develop cost estimate models, communicate changes to senior management using analytics to support my recommendations, and serve as a Subject Matter Expert across multiple departments.

Are you pro- or anti-mask?

I am pro-keeping students in person at school, and if that means wearing masks during times of substantial spread of COVID in our area, then that is what we must do. For more on this, please see my blog post about it.