As homeowners and residents of Dover for the last 16 years, my husband Tom and I and our 8-year old daughter are proud to call Dover home.

I am passionate about Dover; like me, people love living here and participating in maintaining our amazing community. I enjoy being involved in our community, whether volunteering for the Dover Adult Learning Center and Horne Street School, sitting on the City’s Ethics Commission, or simply enjoying the Cochecho Arts Festival and other family events. Through these experiences, I know firsthand how special Dover is and that our residents’ involvement will continue to be key to the success of our City.

At the heart of our community’s future are our youngest citizens, who deserve our continued investment and involvement, especially during these difficult times.

As a co-founder of Rivermill at Dover Landing, and as an employee of the Chamber of Commerce, I have worked with dozens of small business owners and thousands of residents, all of whom are deeply committed to Dover’s success, and passionate about keeping Dover’s unique character and honoring its history. In my career as a team leader, event planner, and project manager I work with diverse groups of people. My daily job is to eliminate inefficiencies and roadblocks, identify opportunities for improvement, then work collaboratively with teams to build lasting relationships and improve their outcomes. Having been responsible for the budget of a small business as well as many multi-million dollar projects and programs, my deep experience in budgeting will allow me to hit the ground running as we work to manage our District’s significant expenses, and ensure we are spending our tax dollars in the most efficient, beneficial way possible.

Being the parent of a young Dover student and a former GED tutor, I have seen the challenges our district faces from multiple perspectives. I have taken the time to meet with each of the city’s five school Principals, and I am proud of and impressed by the level of talent we have available to face those challenges; we all should be. Being a member of the School Board can never be about one topic; there are myriad issues that all deserve our full attention over the course of the next two-year term. If elected, my goal will be a unified, forward-looking district that is strong, vibrant and financially viable.